Oeuvre Secours aux Enfants

Morocco’s ancient Jewish communities are extremely tight knit and have managed to preserve their Jewish heritage and customs that date back hundreds of years. The small Jewish community today is a protected minority under King Mohammed VI. JDC supplements programs according to the community’s directives to help protect their Jewish way of life. JDC is especially involved in helping Morocco’s Jewish schools ensure that every Jewish child has access to a high-quality Jewish education that will form the cornerstone of Jewish continuity and vibrancy.


JDC provides half of the operating budget of OSE (Oeuvre Secours aux Enfants), the central health clinic for needy Moroccan Jews and a viable alternative for middle class Jews who cannot afford to pay for private medical care. In addition to its Casablanca clinic, OSE provides outreach services for welfare clients in the provinces, emergency medical treatment or hospitalization, and services for the Jewish homes for the aged and the Jewish schools. With the goal of keeping the population healthy, OSE also provides preventive and early intervention programs such as regular checkups, vaccinations, chest x-rays, and mammograms; it runs a diabetes clinic; and it offers screenings for cancer, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

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With JDC support, OSE services last year included: • A central clinic in Casablanca with a registered caseload of 730 patients, 220 non-­‐registered clients, and more than 1,800 annual referrals. • An outreach program for all welfare clients in the provinces. • The OSE Fund for Emergency Cases, funded equally by JDC, OSE, and the Casablanca Jewish community, served 51 people who needed emergency medical treatment or hospitalization last year. • Life-­‐sustaining medicine for 175 patients. • A diabetic clinic that provided treatment, insulin, and dietary supervision for 55 diabetics. • Preventive medical care for some 500 individuals. • School health services for 813 students. • 24-­‐hour medical and nursing care for residents of the Casablanca old age home.



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