Jewish Community Center Mumbai

To address the myriad needs of the Indian Jewish community, JDC revitalizes Jewish life by offering all Jewish children access to a Jewish education, and supporting informal educational programs such as Jewish camping, social activities, and Jewish holiday celebrations. JDC also strengthens local Jewish life through social, religious, and cultural programs for children, youth, and adults offered by the Evelyn Peters Jewish Community Center (EPJCC) in Mumbai.


In 2013, the Gan Katan/Gan Limudim informal Jewish education classes in Mumbai and Thane had an 32 enrollment of 33 children ages 5-­‐12. • JDC Jewish educators taught twice-­‐weekly outreach classes in 2013 for 10 Jewish children studying in Mumbai’s Jacob Sassoon School. • Day camp sessions were organized in May and October for close to 40 children, while overnight camps for older youth attract some 18 participants. • The Jewish Youth Pioneers (JYP) is the community’s only Jewish youth group; operating under JDC’s auspices, it provides a vital framework for 60 Jewish teenagers and young adults. The more recently formed JYP Juniors’ group, which meets twice monthly at the JCC, provides Jewish-­‐themed activities for younger teens. • In 2013, JDC helped organize community Passover seders for 370 Jews in Thane, Ahmedabad, and the Konkan villages.


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