Women's Health Empowerment Program

In partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, JDC is operating the Marcia Presky Women’s Health Empowerment Program (WHEP). Established in 1995, WHEP encourages the early detection of breast cancer when it is still treatable, and, at the same time, supports women who are currently living with the disease. Nearly 20 years of experience through WHEP, 10 of which in partnership with Susan G. Komen, prove that WHEP programs are vital for spreading awareness about breast cancer, assisting women to receive access to treatment and information, empowering women to take their health into their own hands, and helping to break the taboo and social stigmas surrounding breast cancer in these countries.


The program’s core activities include: support groups for survivors and those living with the disease; training and capacity building for survivors to enable them to start their own organizations and lobby for their health and medical rights; health and medical services, including free mammogram exams; educational and awareness-­‐building outreach to healthy women, including educating high school seniors and university students on early detection and cancer awareness; hospital visits to women who recently underwent surgery; operating an SOS Help Line in Bosnia; strengthening doctor-­‐patient communications; and training for medical professionals on bedside manner and burnout prevention techniques. WHEP is currently active in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Moscow, central Russia, and the St. Petersburg region of Russia. In partnership with JDC’s Middle East Program, WHEP is also active among Israeli and Palestinian cancer survivors through the COPE Forum, which develops cross-­‐cultural social support groups to help these women in their fight against breast cancer.

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