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JDC is working with SEWA (the Self-­‐Employed Women's Association) to develop an integrated model for provision of integrated services including livelihood promotion, health and child care, financial services, habitat improvement, and capacity-­‐building in the South Gujarat region, with two poor and vulnerable communities: the tribals in Vyara block of Tapi district and the slum dwellers (mostly migrants) in Surat city. The project consolidates and expands an integrated and holistic approach to self-­‐reliance of local women and their families. JDC support promotes livelihoods as well as health and child care activities for up to 12,000 women over a 3 year period covering 60 villages.


Enhanced membership of SEWA health cooperative: 200 new shareholders engaged in health education, and awareness activities. The focus would be on primary health care with a special emphasis on women, children, 196 and adolescent health, including nutrition preventive and referral care, and in a gender-­‐sensitive manner. • Health education for 50,000 young people, women and men on primary health care, workers’ health and reproductive and sexual health, de-­‐addiction and substance abuse. • Setting up systems for regular screening for sickle cell anemia and early detection of tuberculosis and leptospirosis would be developed in collaboration with the local health authorities. • Ensuring that members get quality care through a network of hospitals. Setting up referral care networks with 30 public and private health care providers. • Ensuring access to low cost medicines from the government and from SEWA’s own pharmacies and Ayurvedic manufacturing unit. Local SEWA health workers will be provided with a small kit of Ayurvedic and other primary care medicines. • Capacity-­‐building and mentoring of village-­‐level health, sanitation and nutrition committees so that they can slowly take care of local health issues, including occupational health, through planning, implementation and monitoring of outcomes. There would be active committees in at least 30 villages. • A system for regular interaction with local health authorities for smooth implementation of services will be developed for community based monitoring of the government-­‐run child care; health insurance, and Universal Health Care programs.


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