Integrated Maji Governance Initiative for Eastern Congo (IMAGINE)

IMAGINE provides an adequate supply of water to meet the needs of the growing population and proposes solutions for water provision in each of three target areas. Further, the program increases management capacity of the water systems, through an approach which seeks to build the capacity of Regideso, the state urban water actor, to manage complex, large-scale infrastructure, while also building the capacity of local communities to operate and maintain community-level infrastructure and increase transparency and accountable management. Finally it utilizes a comprehensive technical approach for the rehabilitation and extension of each urban network to cover the water needs of the entire population, to sustain infrastructure improvements by increasing the capacities of water system managers and empowering communities to participate in water system management, and to multiply the health benefits of the provision of clean water by increasing sanitation access and hygiene behaviour change.


  • Democratic Republic of the Congo


  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene

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