Child-Focused Community Development in Honduras

Feed the Children’s child-focused community-development (CFCD) program approach includes four cornerstone pillars: Food & Nutrition, Health & Water, Education, and Livelihoods. We work to transform lives by improving the food & nutrition security of mothers and children, and more specifically to reduce malnutrition. This happens when parents have the skills they need to raise well-nourished and thriving children, when communities are clean and keep children healthy, when children get the education they need to grow up to have better opportunities and to raise healthy children themselves, and when parents have the skills and resources they need to feed their families.


The first 1,000 days of a child’s life, from conception to 2 years old, are the window of opportunity to ensure healthy outcomes. Children who receive proper nutrients during this window are significantly more likely to obtain more schooling and income during their lifetime. Equipping mothers in Honduras before, during and after childbirth to provide proper nutrition to their children helps children be more successful in the future. Some ways Feed the Children accomplishes this in Honduras are through vitamin supplementation to pregnant and lactating mothers and their children after birth (direct beneficiaries = 1,102,000), deworming medication (DB = 872,000), food supplements (DB = 5,600) and growth monitoring (DB = 3,900). Poor sanitation practices are the source of many diseases and health problems, which impact childhood developmental potential. By financing healthcare for residents who are unable to afford it, Feed the Children aims to ensure no children are hindered by their health situation. Education is often a gateway out of poverty and increases quality of life. Physical barriers, such as short-term hunger, illness, lack of supplies, inadequate clothing or poor school buildings inhibit the learning capacity and attentiveness of children. To address these barriers in Honduras, Feed the Children provides daily school meals (DB=5,900), deworming medication (DB=5,000) and school supplies (DB=2,100) and distributes TOMS shoes to school-aged children, as well as refurbishing classrooms so external circumstance don’t hinder learning potential. Feed the Children aims to provide communities in Honduras with resources for sustainable economic improvement. Developing community bakeries enables residents to learn practices that improve both their nourishment and economic potential (DB=4,600). These bakeries provide training in commercial production and sales to mothers in the communities.

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The above reports data from fiscal year 2016 for Feed the Children.

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