SoutEnir L’investissement dans L’Elevage pour la Vie Economique Rurale

Project Description SoutEnir L’investissement dans L’Elevage pour la Vie Economique Rurale (SE LEVER) is a five-year Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded project designed to improve the nutritional status of women and children in rural Burkina Faso through the integration of economic strengthening, women’s empowerment, and behavior change in nutrition practices around diet diversity. The project catalyzes a systems change approach in the poultry sector of Burkina Faso, creating commercial mechanisms that sustain economic opportunities for poultry-producing households with increased access to finance, technology, and key services. Project Approach The project works through local partners to improve poultry production and poultry marketing opportunities for 30,000 smallholders. Access to finance, extension, and vaccine delivery will allow producers to lower poultry mortality rates and multiply flock growth and incomes. Through local partners, SE LEVER targets activities toward women, while also engaging men, to improve women’s position in the household and ownership over income from poultry. The project will demonstrate that when women are empowered, are able to obtain sufficient quality and quantity of diverse foods for their households and improve nutritional outcomes. Impact and Accomplishments SE LEVER will decrease poultry mortality and increase flock sizes upwards and contribute to an annual increase of $125 net income per household for poultry producers. SE LEVER will achieve a five-point increase over baseline General Self-Efficacy scores of women with a 20 percent increase in women reporting improved control over income. SE LEVER will reduce women’s anemia by 10 percent with a MDD-W score of five.

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This is a project of ACDI/VOCA's affiliate, Agribusiness Systems International (ASI).


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