Construyendo Vida con Esperanza Development Program

This Development Program aims to improve the well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable, using an approach that is long term (15-20 years), holistic, focused on children, and seeks to enable their families, local communities and partners to address the underlying causes of poverty. These root causes are not just lack of access to the basic necessities of life like water, food or health care, but also include inequities like gender or ethnic discrimination, or abusive practices like exploitation or domestic violence that affect a child’s well-being.


Women learned jewelry-making and how to manage small businesses in order to raise essential income for their families. We identified at-risk children and educated their parents about disease protection and the importance of taking their children to local clinics. 2,723 children and adolescents participated in reading, writing, and math workshops. 3,082 children and youth, along with their caregivers, attended World Vision-hosted workshops to strengthen their study habits and improve their academic performance. We provided a course on early childhood development and nutrition for parents and caregivers of children under the age of 5. World Vision organized local volunteers to draw up a community risk map and complete risk-management training, which will increase safety for children. Volunteers were organized to lead child protection awareness sessions. They also led self-care and education days for children, adolescents, and their families. 215 families attended workshops and community meetings about protecting their own children and other children in the community. Supported community Peace Builder groups that helped children recognize their rights and strengthen community relationships. Peace Builder mentors exchanged ideas and created projects around the rights of children, adolescents, and youth. Parents of 52 children and adolescents with mild and severe disabilities learned how to support their children's development at home.


  • Colombia>Valle del Cauca


  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Education
  • Protection

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