Food for All Project in Kenya (F4APK)

Food for All Project in Kenya (F4APK), a public private partnership, is a five-year project, targeting 48,500 households in 5 Counties in Eastern region of Kenya, impacting on 242,500 household members. The project will increase land and labour productivity as a key pathway for food security. Greater emphasis is placed on promotion of improved crop and dairy production technologies for sustainable intensification of production. An elaborate extension system involving face to face and digitized approaches will be put in place to disseminate climate smart and production technologies. Soil testing will be promoted to guide soil fertility management decisions. The project will increase access to markets for smallholder’s high value vegetables and dairy produce through promotion of collective marketing, product certification and market information system. Farmers will be organized into marketing organizations to coordinate production and marketing processes. The farmer organizations will be supported to operate as hubs through which essential services and inputs will be delivered to individual farmers through a check off system. By achieving local (KENYAGAP), international (ORGANIC and GLOBALGAP) certification, the project will address consumer mistrust on vegetable and dairy products, especially with regards to food safety. The project will support establishment of a processing factory at the Export processing zone (EPZ), for food processing and introduction of value addition opportunities at village level for vegetable, banana and dairy products, to increase vegetable and dairy product availability and access during the dry and low production season. In addition, the projects will improve partnership, collaboration, through establishment of joint learning platforms and linkages for sustainability. The partners will work towards social inclusion by reducing gender and age disparity at household level. These interventions will form the basis for diversification of livelihoods, incomes and food security in the region.


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