Jordan Valley Centers Jofeh + Kreimeh Center- Disability Services

In 2015 both centers provided quality cross-disability services for over 300+ individuals with impairments, including those who are hearing impaired, visually impaired, physically impaired and/or intellectually challenged as well as their family members. These services included the lending and distribution of equipment and learning devices, physiotherapy, audiological testing, hearing aids, hearing aid repair/maintenance and ear molds, as well as eye tests and eye glasses. In 2016 both centers plan to provide these same sorts of cross-disability services to over 720 individuals. In addition, both centers will continue to offer vocational training and employment programs to provide professional skills training and job identification service for young men and women with disabilities. Besides the improvement of their professional and social status, training also enables these youth to play a role in policy development, decision-making and administration. In 2016, HLID and the centers will also continue their focus on educating communities on issues related to disabilities to encourage inclusion.


Integrate 30 children and young people from Jofeh and 12 children and young people from Kreimeh into area public schools. Conduct training courses for 32 volunteers (new and returning) at both Jofeh and Kreimeh centers. Conduct awareness sessions for community members near both Jofeh and Kreimeh centers. Conduct awareness sessions at school near both Jofeh and Kreimeh centers. Conduct CBR volunteer training courses for 13 volunteers and workers at both Jofeh and Kreimeh centers. Conduct vocational training workshops for 23+ young people with disabilities (20+ at Jofeh and 3+ at Kreimeh). Provide rehabilitation and education services for 90+ individuals with disabilities, i.e., 38 intellectually challenged children and young people, 26 hearing impaired children and young people, 10 visually impaired children and young people, and 16 physically challenged children and young people (62+ at Jofeh and 28+ at Kreimeh). Conduct hearing and visual tests and supply or repair devices for an estimated 136+ individuals (90 at Jofeh and 46 at Krimeh). Provide wheelchairs, mobility assistance, hearing and/or visual devices to an estimated 54 children and young people (37 Jofeh and 17 Kreimeh). Conduct home visits to assist families with knowledge about and access to service provisions for persons with disabilities in communities near Jofeh and Kreimeh. Conduct parent meetings to inform parents of the progress (skill growth) of their children and young people receiving Jofeh or Kreimeh services.


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