Nicaragua Clean Water, Sanitation & Education in Nicaragua

El Porvenir’s vision is of "healthy, educated Nicaraguans achieving better quality lives for themselves through integrated clean water projects.” El Porvenir’s mission is to improve the standard of living of rural Nicaraguans through water, sanitation, health education, and watershed management projects. These latter components are the heart of El Porvenir's focus which revolves around clean water within the community’s watershed. Water and sanitation go hand in hand to provide safe drinking water. Watershed protection helps protect water sources and keep the program sustainable in the long run. Health education is the key component that ensures the health gains from water and sanitation are fully realized as well as promoting a healthy watershed and sustainable environmental practices. In the last few years, El Porvenir's reforestation program has evolved into a more focused watershed protection program. The principal beneficiaries of El Porvenir's projects are rural women and children. The women’s principal concerns relate to health of themselves and their children. The burden for carrying water usually falls to women and children. Children can miss school because of the time needed to gather water or travel to wash clothes or themselves. In communities without an adequate water source, many families travel to nearby streams or creeks to wash and bathe and collect drinking water. Unfortunately, most of these sites do not provide potable water. Participants are active from the moment El Porvenir's projects are conceived. El Porvenir does not offer projects; the communities must come to the organization. This ensures that beneficiaries take the necessary leadership from the beginning and will be more likely to maintain that leadership and ownership through the lifecycle of the project. El Porvenir staff work with community members to form Potable Water Committees (CAPS). The CAPS coordinate the local labor, long term maintenance and hygiene education in the community. Part of the training is in community diagnostics so that the community can identify and plan future projects that may or may not involve El Porvenir.


Construct clean cook stoves, Install all-weather trails to water points, Fence off areas for natural regeneration of forest, Construct spring capture box for irrigation pilot, Conduct drip irrigation pilot, Transplant trees from nurseries to community plots, Create family gardens, Conduct training of trainers, Distribute environmental education coloring books in schools, Carry out best latrine contests, Carry out educational radio programs, Facilitate community chats, Construct new hand-dug and machine drilled wells, Rehabilitate wells, Construct double pit VIP latrines, Construct school latrines (mostly double pit VIP), Construct school handwashing stations


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  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene

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