Savings with Education, Microcredit, and Reforestation Program in Guatemala

The Diocesan Development Office in Guatemala has identified micro finance programming as its primary development intervention hoping to increase savings, resilience against shocks, smooth consumption, and increase income potential of program participants. Its work in 2016 will be focused on continuing to open more savings groups, and providing financial and business management and health education. The program will also continue to plant trees in vulnerable areas making a positive impact on the environment through the reforestation program. In 2016, the reforestation program will work with savings group members to plant trees rather than youth. In 2012, the Development office of the Diocese of Guatemala piloted a Savings with Education Program. The pilot is aimed at training groups on savings culture and methodology while also providing microcredit opportunities within the savings groups. In 2015, groups formed in 2012-2015 will be monitored and creating more savings groups will be key. Overall, the program aims to improve the quality of people's lives by offering them access to financial training and education.


Engage and train 100 savings group members in environmental protection and tree planting in Chimaltenango, Quetzaltenango, and Xela., Form and train 15 new savings groups., Strengthen existing group and management committee ability to manage financial activities., Conduct trainings in financial and business management for new groups and existing groups., Provide new and refresher training and supervision for 4 facilitators and 3 replicators., Support and document financial activities of new and existing savings groups.


  • Guatemala>Chimaltenango
  • Guatemala>Quetzaltenango


  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Environment

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