Sexual & Reproductive Health and SGBV in Honduras

Project Siloe is part of the Honduran Episcopal Church's Siempre Unidos Ministry whose purpose is to reduce HIV/AIDS among highly vulnerable populations, such as male and female commercial sex workers, LGBT, military personnel and ethnic minority communities. The Garifuna are an ethnic minority group in Honduras (and other Central American countries) that has a relatively high HIV prevalence. This is due in part to the social isolation, lack of health and other social services and traditional practices. Due to poor prison conditions, lack of rights and advocates, and existing behavior, health and psychological problems, prisoners are also at risk for STDs and violence. Key interventions for these vulnerable groups center around awareness, education and empowerment. Voluntary counseling and testing and informational workshops are important ways Project Siloe helps inform and empower vulnerable people. Siloe is the only project that works with the military on issues related to sexual health and gender-based violence. Advocating for human rights and protection for society's most vulnerable is also a fundamental part of Project Siloe's mission. Commercial sex workers and the LGBT people are frequently victimized by the general population as well as by law enforcement and military personnel. The project also teaches high risk girls aged 13 to 17 about sexual and reproductive health, as pregnancies among this age group is rising. In 2016, Siloe is newly targeting women and youth from impoverished "bordos" or river shanty towns for HIV/AIDS and other STD awareness and support.


Conduct workshops on prevention of sexually transmitted infections with sex workers, LGBT, women in the "bordos", military personnel and inmates., Conduct individual and group "street sessions" on prevention of sexually transmitted infection., Conduct HIV and Hepatitis B rapid tests with pre and post counseling for LQBTQ, "bordos" women, military personnel, inmates and the general public., Conduct gender-based violence workshops for women from “bordos” housewives, Garifuna community and sexual minorities., Organize human rights and GBV conference, Participate in solidarity events in commemoration of sex workers' rights, HIV/AIDS awareness and ending GBV, Conduct workshops on sexual and reproductive health with at risk youth., Conduct virtual babies program with female adolescent children of PLWHA from Siempre Unidos., Conduct workshops about sexual and reproductive health with children of PLWHA (patients of Siempre Unidos)., Organize international day of the girl event with "bordos" and Garifuna community adolescents and children of PLWHA patients with Siempre Unidos

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