ZWE Assistance Program in Malaria (ZAPIM)

ZAPIM aims to sustain and improve Zimbabwe’s gains in malaria control and help achieve the National Malaria Control Program’s (NMCP) 2017 strategic plan goal to reduce malaria incidence from 22/1,000 to 10/1,000 and deaths to near zero. ZAPIM works with the Ministry of Health and Child Care and NMCP in up to 47 of Zimbabwe’s 63 districts to strengthen malaria case management; prevent malaria in pregnancy; promote consistent use of long lasting insecticide treated nets; develop and deliver interpersonal communications (IPC) and social behavior change communication (SBCC) focused on prevention and timely diagnosis and treatment of malaria; strengthen M&E to guide decision-making; and carry out studies to monitor therapeutic efficacy and drug resistance.


  • Zimbabwe


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