UBALE - MWI Title II DFAP Commodities

The goal is to reduce chronic malnutrition and food insecurity and build resilience among vulnerable populations in the rural Blantyre, Chikwawa, and Nsanje districts of Malawi Intermediate Results: The project will achieve its goal by: 1) Increaseing and sustaining the production of nutrtitius and profitable farm products by smallholder farming HH’s. 2) Successfully engaging vulnerable rural HHs with markets . 3) Reducing the rates of stunting among children under five. 4) Increasing the resiliancy of HHs and communities to shocks. We are also promoting the dual cross-cutting principles of gender equity and capacity building


  • Malawi>Southern>Blantyre
  • Malawi>Southern>Chikwawa
  • Malawi>Southern>Nsanje


  • Agriculture
  • Health

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