Mali Finance for Food Security and Women Entrepreneurs Program

Goal: The FFSWE program’s goal is to improve access to finance among Mali’s micro, small, and medium enterprises. FFSWE is explicitly designed to create a more robust agricultural financial sector and to fully utilize the USAID DCA guarantee by tapping into the projects of USAID, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), and the U.S. Department of State. The FFSWE program focuses on improving the lending environment in Mali for women entrepreneurs and MSMEs in the targeted value chains: rice, millet, sorghum, livestock and agroforestry. This project provides technical support for the MSMEs and partner financial institutions through risk management, outreach, and technical expertise and financial intermediation advisory support designed to help mitigate risks and costs associated with lending to these entrepreneurs.


Objectives: 1) Technical support and capacity building to women-owned MSMEs and Agribusiness: Identifying potential women farmers and entrepreneurial borrowers; Support MSMEs in loan application packaging; and Financial support from non-DCA partner financial institutions or investors; 2) Technical Support and Capacity Building to Banks and MFIs: Training and coaching MFI staff on – loan administration, portfolio management and lending to women agribusinesses; Product development and supporting various value-add activities for women farmers and entrepreneurs; and Facilitation between FFSWE banks and MFIs for DCA usage; and 3) Post Loan Technical Assistance or Mentoring and Advisory Support Capacity Building for Women Loan Recipients: Provide additive Business Development Services (BDS) to better grow and manage women farm and microenterprise activities; Provide additive agriculture and agri-business technical and market-access support; and Provide support in better group, association, and cooperative governance and management.


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