First Step Economic Opportunity Zone (EOZ)

First Step -- a subsidiary of World Hope International—- is enriching lives in Sierra Leone through economic investment, transformation and community empowerment. First Step is providing opportunities for foreign direct investment in Sierra Leone under a 2009 ratified public private partnership agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone. Under its agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone, First Step is developing 50 acres of land to lease to companies seeking to process Sierra Leone’s natural resources for sale in Sierra Leone or export. First Step’s agreement allows businesses that lease land to access special duty and tax incentives as well as many other incentives needed to help companies do business in Sierra Leone. Additionally, First Step provides counsel and support for companies interested establishing a business in Sierra Leone. Through World Hope International, FIRST STEP is able to benefit from extensive in-country experience, allowing the organization to reduce both the risks and costs associated with establishing export processes. World Hope International has identified specific economic development opportunities for the people of Sierra Leone and designed programs that work in tandem with FIRST STEP efforts.

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