Cambodia Mushroom Program

Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in the world. To help address this concern, World Hope International recently launched a new agri - culture program focused on growing mushrooms to help Cambodians earn a more stable income than their typical rice crops. Specifically, WHI teaches local Cambodians how to cultivate mushrooms using a simple storage unit made up of bamboo, hay, and plastic, inside of which the mushrooms will grow. The method is easy to learn, and is therefore simple to transfer to individuals and communities: Step 1 – Take dead rice stalks and roll them up into bundles, around 12 inches long and 6 inches high. Step 2 – Spray the bundles with an organic stimulant to generate fungus growth. Step 3 – Let the bundles sit and steam in a plastic-wrapped dark house for just a matter of days. This sustainable technique produces edible, organic and fresh mushrooms that can be sold at the local market at a high rate – 2.2 pounds goes for $1.25. Mushroom Houses bring in about $300 a month. We are pleased to share that Pennsylvania State University is sending a team to Cambodia to further study and document how the mushroom project can be scaled into a self-sustaining business.

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