Anglican Relief and Development in Zimbabwe Capacity Building Program

The Anglican Relief and Development Office of Zimbabwe (ARDeZ) was established to coordinate emergency response work during outcomes of drought emergencies or other natural and man made calamities. It was understood that relief work during drought emergencies (for example as the massive drought of 2002), can be timely and effective by working through a coordinating office that liaises with external partners, carries rapid emergency assessments during the onset of emergencies, coordinates and deploys emergency assistance to the areas in need, monitors emergency response efforts etc. Over the years, ARDeZ’s roles and function were broadened to include coordination of Diocesan development work. This essentially includes, providing technical support in monitoring and evaluation, representation (national level and external stakeholders and partners), gathering of data and information at national level, development of proposals, compilation of reports and more importantly development of a countrywide strategic plan document. ARDeZ is headed by a National Coordinator who reported directly to the Chair of the Bishop’s Council. The main focus will be the development of strategic plan document with the assistance of a consultant and training relevant diocesan staff enabling them to attain the skills and knowledge in data gathering and database creation for projects and participants in their dioceses and final assessment of the Masvingo Income Generation Program. By the end of 2015, diocesan development workers are expected to design projects that could be implemented with financial support of their respective dioceses. ARDeZ’s scope of work will include being part of the strategic plan document development with the help of a consultant and identification of training gaps, coordination of training and follow up and facilitate actions on practical use of acquired knowledge and skills in the dioceses.


2.3 Compile reports on field based training of Diocesan Staff, Roll lout Workshop and Joint Action Plans and Bishop’s Council Meeting on Strategic Planning (3), 2.2 Submit periodic status reports to the Head of the Bishop’s Council and Partners on the progress of work, 2.1 Maintain Country wide data base for gathered information across all five Dioceses., 2.4 Final phase Assessment for Income generation Project Masvingo Program, 3.2 Organize and lead Stakeholder meeting with FBO Network, Africa Sustainable Peace Institute for Research and Education (ASPIRE) at National Level., 3.4 Participation in quarterly networking meetings (STIGMA Index, National NGO Coordination Forum, UNOCHA and others)., 3.1 Development of resource Mobilization Plan.,3.3 Publication and dissemination of information on ARDeZ for internal and External Partners., 1.3   Roll out workshop with Diocesan Development Officers (12), 1.4   Field based training and Experience Sharing with the Diocese of Matabeleland on Program Design (Data Gathering Instruments and Tools), M&E Practices, Approaches, Results and Challenges (12), 1.5   Development of Program Intervention Plan, M&E System for the five Dioceses (Matabeleland, Harare, Manicaland, Central and Masvingo), 1.1   Contracting of Consultant for finalization of Draft Strategic Planning Document., 1.2   Sharing of SP Documents will Bishop’s Council., 1.6   Provide backstopping and technical support to the five Dioceses.

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