Vanuatu Savings with Education

Episcopal Relief & Development promotes a Savings with Education (SwE) program based on a highly replicable participant-led methodology that brings opportunities for basic financial services including savings and lending to areas that are typically beyond the reach of microfinance institutions. In doing so, the methodology creates cohesive member-led savings groups that sustainably tackle social issues facing group members and their communities. Based on initial conversation in 2015, in 2016, Episcopal Relief & Development will launch a SwE program with our regional implementing partner the Anglican Church of Melanesia – Vanuatu (ACOM-V). The 2016 program has these initial key SwE program objectives: 1) To strengthen the programmatic and administrative capacities of 40 ACOM-V, Diocese of Vanuatu and New Caledonia (DOVNC), and Diocese of Banks and Torres (DOBT) staff and SwE Facilitators directly involved, as well as the development of SwE Training skills for future programme expansion. 2) To increase the social and economic empowerment of at least 900 community members (equivalent to 45 Savings with Education groups with an estimated 20 members per group). 3) To improve disaster risk reduction, entrepreneurial, and/or other skills of 650 savings group members from 13 communities benefiting from education sessions integrated into the 45 newly formed savings groups. Among ACOM-V’s initial activities cited for the launch of this program in 2016 include a training of at least 40 people (34 Savings Group Facilitators and 6 leaders). These individuals have been selected from 9 different locations (and/or islands) in Vanuatu in which ACOM-V has programmatic activities and thus opportunities to integrate savings and lending activities into existing groups (i.e., groups such as: a- Mothers’ Union groups, b- Literacy groups, c- Solar lamp groups, and d- youth groups).


Train 23 savings facilitators, Train 9 diocesan and provincial leaders in the Savings with Education methodology, Review and contextualize educational curricula for use in each of the savings groups, Establish and train 67 savings groups in 13 pilot target village communities


  • Vanuatu>Sanma
  • Vanuatu>Penama
  • Vanuatu>Shefa
  • Vanuatu>Torba


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