The Botswana Eye Care Initiative

The Botswana Eye Care Initiative will eliminate cataract blindness and implement a nationwide eye care plan that will reduce, and nearly eradicate, the nation’s major causes of visual impairment by 2019. Botswana, Africa is home to approximately 2 million people; 2.4% of this population or 1 in 50 is visually impaired. The vast majority of that visual impairment is caused by cataracts or refractive errors, both easily preventable. CBI’s efforts will go towards addressing the backlog of cataract patients in Botswana. CBI is partnering with Ministry of Health--Republic of Botswana, Dr. Schroff's Charity Eye Hospital (SCEH) in Delhi, India to build the country’s capacity for eye care by training local staff and systematically find and treat cataract blindness throughout the country. Peek Vision found the people suffering from cataract blindness, and CBI is providing the means to cure them. The truly revolutionary impact of this plan is the utilization of Peek Vision technology. Peek stands for Portable Eye Examination Kit. Peek Retina is a smartphone adaptor and application that allows professional eye examinations to be performed in a truly mobile setting operated by a trained vision screener. Peek Vision provides a solution to some of the biggest barriers of eye care in the developing world; the building and equipment costs associated with making clinics and screening centers, and finding those who need care and ensuring they receive it. Proposed Outcomes:

  • Increase the rate of cataract surgeries per year from 2,270 to 5,000+ by 2017. This rate is higher than the incidence rate of new cases of cataracts, preventing new backlog build up.
  • Improve the cataract surgery outcome from 75% to 85% at good outcome, the World Health Organization standard.
  • Reduce the magnitude of blindness in Botswana from 15,000 to less than 10,000 (by at least 30%) by 2019
  • Reduce the magnitude of visual impairment in Botswana from 50,000 to less than 35,000 (by at least 25%) by 2019
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