Shan Communities Equal Rights Opportunity and Access (SCEROAP)

This project will work to ensure men and women enjoy equal opportunities and equal access to services in Northern Shan State. At its conclusion, community health workers, health insurance funds and self-help groups will be functioning in 16 villages, and members will have completed business training and started individual or group businesses. Village development committees will complete training on leadership skills, project cycle management, community organizing, human rights, gender, and land law, and will develop village action plans. The community, in particular youth, will improve awareness on safe migration, acquiring legal documents and trafficking.


Community Health Worker (CHW) training with Department of Health; awareness-raising sessions with CHWs; providing CHWs with inputs and coaching to provide primary health care, antenatal and postnatal care, nutrition activities and referrals; business and vocational skill training; provision of working capital for businesses; training of trainers for staff on human rights, land law, sustainable use of natural resources and disaster risk reduction (DRR); and training to Village Development Committees (VDCs) on leadership, project cycle management, community organizing, developing village action plans, lobbying with authorities, human rights, gender, land laws and natural resource management.


  • Myanmar>Shan


  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Health
  • Human Rights Democracy and Governance
  • Protection
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