Haiti Bishop Tharp Business and Technology Institute for Youth

In the 2016/17 academic year, BTI will continue to strengthen institutional sustainability by improving its income generating services. It will also add additional classrooms to accommodate the growing number of students while actively working to promote BTI through its website and social media. Since its inception in 2005, BTI has produced 843 skilled graduates, of which reports show that over 60% are employed in fields such as banking, government administration, and NGO services. In the 2015/16 academic year BTI anticipates an enrollment of 700 students.


Enroll students, Graduate students, Provide interesting courses and degrees., Improve profitability of BTI income-generating services (business service center, cafeteria, and bookstore), Develop an institutional performance measurement plan with tracking indicators and a tracking system, Refer students for internships, Hire quality "accredited" Haitian professors, Refer students for employment, Arrange student learning exchanges (DR, US, other),Host visiting professors (community volunteers)


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