Afya Uzazi

Afya Uzazi works to strengthen capacity and service delivery in birth preparedness and maternity services; treatment of obstetric complications and disabilities; and newborn and child care treatment; immunization; and nutrition at community and facility levels. In addition, we work to expand access to high quality voluntary family planning and reproductive health services by building the capacity of the public, private, and non-governmental sector. Finally, Afya Uzazi supports the expansion and improvement of facility and community-level nutrition activities including breastfeeding promotion, maternal and child nutrition and improved household hygiene. FHI360 is the prime on this project with MSH as a sub-partner. MSH's scope focuses on child and newborn health, human resources for health, and supply chain strengthening. Other sub-partners include: Family Health Options Kenya (youth outreach) and Marie Stopes Kenya/International (mobile clinics).


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