Expanding Access to Universal Eye Care across Five Provinces in Cambodia

To Prevent and treat unnecessary blindness in five underserved provinces in Cambodia as demonstrated by increasing the average cataract surgical rate in 5 provinces from 1,747 to 2,500.


Objectives: 1. Increase community eye health outreach and awareness in five districts that leads to 95,000 community-based eye exams over three years. 2. Increase eye care services provided by partner clinics, resulting in 48,000 clinic-based eye exams, 13,511 surgeries and 543 glasses over three years 15,600 medical treatments,. 3. Conduct 9 eye camps in rural areas where 2,700 patients receive an exam and 1,300 receive eye surgeries over 3 years. 4. Increase local capacity to screen and provide eye care 5. Reduce gender inequities in accessing eye care in all partner sites.


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