Feed the Future Sustainable Cooperative Agribusiness Alliance (SCAA)

Following the successful Indonesia Cooperative Business Development Alliance (ICBDA) project, the Feed the Future Sustainable Cooperative Agribusiness Alliance (SCAA) will improve long-term smallholder farmer livelihood opportunities in eastern Indonesia. The project seeks to expand the capacity of local farmers and government officials in Papua and North Maluku provinces to access better planting materials, sustainably produce and process high-value crops, and connect to international markets.


The SCAA project will partner with international and national agribusiness firms, successful Indonesian cooperatives, and government research organizations to further develop value chains for vanilla, pepper, cloves and other crops. Partners include Cooperative Business International (CBI) (which NCBA CLUSA established to give cooperatives access to worldwide markets in the 1980s) McCormick International, and PT AgriSpice Indonesia locally. These companies and a cooperative, Nimboran Kencana, will act as the buyers, processors, and marketers for farmers’ agriculture products.


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