Regional Human Rights and Democracy

PADF is implementing a five year, USAID-funded US$24.9 million cooperative agreement to strengthen human rights in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. The project will help communities prevent and respond to human rights violations and establish sustainable Early Warning and Protection Systems for internally displaced persons and migrants. PADF and partners will focus on and raise awareness about highly vulnerable populations including women and girls, the LGBTI community, persons with disabilities and migrants. The project will work to build he capacity of existing organizations and foster a public policy environment that allows human rights defenders, local civil society groups, and individuals to carry out their vital work without fear of violence.


PADF’s strategy will support existing public policies, regional networks, government priorities, international cooperation, and the needs of civil society to strengthen human rights protection systems. The goals of the project are to: • Foster an Environment that Enables Human Rights • Strengthen Community Responses to Human Rights Violations • Establish Sustainable Early Warning and Protection Systems for Internally Displaced Persons and Migrants. PADF and its partners will work to achieve the following results: • Establish a regional human rights education curriculum for teachers • Reach 20,000 people with human rights campaigns • Create methodologies and best practices on translating research into public policy • Build a network of over 50 research entities in the region collaborating to advance knowledge for stronger policies on human rights protections • Fund five studies that lead to public policy changes at the national or regional level • Host 13 inter-parliamentary regional exchanges and forums with 50 civil society organizations collaborating on legislative actions • Use innovative technology to protect individual journalists


  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico


  • Human Rights Democracy and Governance
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