Promoting the Economic Engagement of Refugees in Egypt

Trickle Up is assisting UNHCR in Egypt to integrate the Graduation Approach into their existing projects for refugees in Cairo, Alexandria, and Damietta. UNHCR’s main expertise is providing refugees with health, housing, legal, and psychosocial support, but economic development is becoming more of a priority given the context. This pilot is the first time the Graduation Approach has been adapted to an urban context, serving the refugee population of these Egyptian cities. Trickle Up and UNHCR are helping improve the economic prospects of refugees in urban areas and move them to self-reliance. Working with Syrian and African refugees, and the affected Egyptian host community, UNHCR seeks to link participants to either self-employment or wage employment and provide the necessary training, coaching, and links to other services to help ensure success and sustainability. Participant households were selected because they depend on cash assistance, have only one temporary source of income, or lack basic assets. This project also has a special focus on women and men at risk for sexual and gender-based violence.


Build the capacity of UNHCR to integrate the Graduation Approach into its existing interventions with refugees in Egypt Provide economic empowerment to refugees in urban areas and the affected Egyptian host community through the provision of soft skills, technical skills, business skills, and business coaching.

Cross-cutting issues



  • Egypt>Alexandria
  • Egypt>Cairo
  • Egypt>Damietta


  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Protection
  • Social Services
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