Integrated Education Program in Tembaro Woreda

In much of rural Ethiopia, access to pre-primary and secondary school education are similarly challenged by lack of school facilities, teachers, education materials, and more. Tembaro Woreda has a population of over 130,000 people, yet only one standard Kindergarten and multiple primary schools struggling to upgrade to also include secondary school education. The “IEP” is designed to strengthen the education sector capacity of Tembaro Woreda, with specific attention to kindergarten and secondary school. By strengthening Kindergartens in Tembaro, more children will be able to access and benefit from pre-primary education, therefore becoming better prepared to enter primary school and learn during their subsequent education. By strengthening secondary school facilities, more students will be able to access secondary education, therefore giving them the opportunity to continue their education and prepare for university. The IEP goal is to increase access and quality of education for school age children through capacity building activities in six selected kebeles of Tembaro Woreda.


·         Construct one school building and latrines, and supply education materials to help a primary school upgrade to include secondary school education for over 500 students. ·         Provide renovations and education supplies to two secondary schools for over 1,000 students. ·         Establish and operate three kindergartens including staffing, supplies, and snacks for over 800 children. ·         Train 182 local preschool and adult education facilitators in the district.

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During year one, 800 students age 4-6 were enrolled in three KGs. At the end of the school year, the oldest 256 students graduated from the KGs to enter Grade 1.

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