Integrated Emergency Nutrition, Health, WaSH and Cash Assistance for Vulnerable IDPs and Host Communities

The intervention seeks to address the multi-sector needs of Internally Displaced Persons and host communities affected by acute drought and recent conflicts in South West Somalia. The crisis was triggered by ongoing waves of displacement, following increased violence after the recapture of numerous towns in Bakool. Additionally, successive cycles of rain failure and trade disruptions have worsened the humanitarian situation. For example, cereal production, an agricultural staple, is 49% below the 20-year average, and 89% of households are severely food insecure. Water born desease outbreaks are responsible for one in five deaths of children under five, and only 20% of the population has access to improved water sources. 39% of the population has access to proper sanitation. The intervention responds to alarming rates of acute food insecurity, malnutrition and disease outbreaks; compounded by lack of access to basic service delivery, limited coping capacity and minimal health and WASH infrastructure. ACF aims to reduce the burden of disease, improve equitable access to primary health care and improve nutrition.


This will be achieved through improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene; providing cash transfers to improve access to basic needs, including cash for work activities; providing supplies to field and mobile maternal and child health services; and delivering fixed and mobile Outpatient Therapeutic Programmes and Stabilisation Centers. The project tall reach 6,202 boys, 6,202 girls, 7924 men and 7672 women. ACF will adapt the program to women’s needs recognising the higher impact of crises on women and children in Somalia.


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