Ukweli UTI Test

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are the most common bacterial infections among women, and are particularly common among pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa1. An untreated UTI can spread to the kidneys resulting in severe kidney damage, can cause birth complications, and increase vulnerability to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Very few UTIs are diagnosed in a timely fashion in developing countries with fledgling health care systems, and many go unreported due to lack of education, stigma, and inability to reach a clinic for diagnosis. WHI trains health workers and pharmacists in facilities in the use of the Ukeweli test strips for screening urine for UTIs and diabetes. All trained health workers received test strips, and reached individuals through outreach and awareness activities. On average, 43 people were screened per location, with an average of four positive diagnoses per location. WHI supports the treatment of all cases. The Ukweli venture plans to use the results from the study to implement a sustainable business surrounding urinalysis screening in Sierra Leone, as health workers reported an increased income as result.


  • Sierra Leone


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