Fundación FundaSistemas: Strengthening Competitiveness of Small Cacao Producers

The FundaSistemas project proposes to achieve the following objectives: a) To increase the number of producers that improve their agricultural practices in cacao cultivation through technical assistance, using LWR's tools: "Mobile Cacao" and "Cacao Answers", available on (SMS) and WhatsApp, b) Increase the number of producers that apply genetic improvement practices in plantations with local materials from each region, identified and selected from promising trees, creating differentiation in the market. c) Achieve effectiveness in post-harvest management for 6 cocoa-producing organizations, through technical assistance and installation of adequate equipment in processing centers, to improve product consistency, d) Achieve a clear focus and business effectiveness in the 6 beneficiary organizations, improving business practices in governance, administrative management and market integration.


  • Guatemala


  • Agriculture

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