Education and Nutrition Program at Bon Berger Creche

Bon Berger crèche (orphanage) operates a primary school located on their property that is open to the children of the crèche, as well as children from the community. Tuition is free to the children at the crèche and low cost to the children from the surrounding community. Initially, the sole purpose of this program was to help provide education to the 66 orphans residing at the creche and the 178 children from the community. However, after an assessment of the crèche by our Holt staff in 2017, it was determined immediate nutrition intervention was essential for these children to learn and develop properly. Now, in addition to an education, the children at the crèche will receive nourishing meals and supplements daily, setting them up for success to develop academically. Funding also covers teacher salaries, school supplies, and the remaining is allocated to go wherever most needed. This funding makes it possible to provide a sustainable education program to a population of children who would otherwise not have the opportunity.


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