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There are a number of children living with HIV in China who have lost their parents and are unable to be cared for by families due to lingering stigmas about the disease. In 2015 Holt International partnered with AIDS Care China, a grassroots organization providing support and services for people infected with HIV, to help support the group homes they started in 2006. The HIV Group Homes provide family-like care for many of these children until they are either able to be adopted or until they are able to live on their own.


Daily Life: We teach basic living skills trainings such as taking a shower, brushing teeth, making the bed, cleaning, washing shoes and organizing their schoolbag. Most of children have self care abilities and can manage their time. Education: Besides attending school, care givers in the group home will follow up on the children's learning situations and help them to resolve their learning problems. Treatment: Children are regularly taken to do physical checks, refill medications and are reminded to take their medications everyday. At the same time, the care givers teach the children who are over 12 years old about AIDS and prevention. Psychological Situation: The care givers will talk with children and make records of the conversations. If they find any issues, they will intervene in time. They also do records of the children's growth. Outdoor Activities: We organize the children to visit a playground, the scientific knowledge center, and travel to other locations once or twice a month. Other Activities: We organize the children to participate in making artwork, playing games, and have cooking activities.

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AIDS and HIV are two of the most serious social issues in China. About 780,000 people in China are infected with HIV. Mother-to-child transmission rate is over 85%. There is a lack of the knowledge about HIV and resources for treating the early stage of the HIV infection. Due to this, some infected people missed the optimal opportunity for treatment. Most of them contract AIDS and will die, leaving their children as orphans. Orphaned children should be cared for and supported by their grandparents or other relatives. However, they are usually HIV carriers as well, making it difficult for their family members to take care of them due to fear of HIV, lack of knowledge, and financial difficulties. The children we receive into our care are from different orphanages and different villages. Some children were infected with HIV through mother-to-child transmission, some are girls who suffered sexual assault, some children have cerebral palsy and some children are moderately mentally delayed.


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