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Sierra Leone has one of the highest maternal and child morbidity and mortality in the world. The majority of children suffer from preventable childhood diseases like malaria, respiratory infections diarrhea, anemia and malnutrition. Many do not live to celebrate their fifth birthday. Women of child-bearing age die mainly from anemia, hemorrhage, sepsis/infections, hypertensive disorders and other causes. Limited access to quality health service, poor feeding and hygienic practices among others have been as some of the underlying factors for the high child and maternal morbidity and mortality rates in Sierra Leone. Christ the King Hospital provides health care services to address the specific needs of women and children.


Out Patient Services ( OPD) – Diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and conditions (malaria, skin diseases, respiratory infections, anemia, malnutrition, Treatment of injuries, dressing wounds, observation for very sick children and providing basic first aid in emergencies Preventive child health (growth monitoring, immunization and nutritional feeding programs) Reproductive and sexual health (antenatal, postnatal and natural family planning) Health education and health promotion – in the community and in health facilities. Basic laboratory facilities for conducting simple diagnostic tests


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