Initial Chimanimani Cyclone Response

Tropical Cyclone Idai which made a landfall in Mozambique on Thursday the 14th of March 2019, and passed through Zimbabwe during the weekend damaging property and crops in Manicaland province. Manicaland province is the worst hit province in the country having experienced peripheral effects of the cyclone and expect the cyclone to hit with more intense rains (Manicaland meteorological department). The Acting President of Zimbabwe, Hon. Constantino Chiwenga on Saturday 16 March 2019, declared as national disaster, the devastating Cyclone Idai following 31 deaths in the Manicaland Province.The national and sub-national Civil Protection structures have been activated and instructed to support the affected communities giving urgency to search, rescue and evacuation for the marooned cut off communities. Chimanimani and Chipinge districts in the Manicaland province have been the worst hit. In Chimanimani, 31 deaths have been recorded, with at least 71 people said to be missing. Of the deaths, 2 are pupils from Charles Lwanga School which experienced rock falls. Over 100 houses have collapsed in the Nyangu and Rusitu villages. A bridge has been destroyed rendering the district inaccessible. The Zimbabwe National Army is on standby for rescue of the marooned people through the use of helicopters, however the weather conditions have hampered this process. In Chipinge, 67 houses have collapsed rendering 5 households homeless. The effects of the cyclone are expected to reach Mashonaland East, Mashonaland Central and Midlands provinces (Meteorological department)


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