COVID-19 Response

In the midst of instability, it is the vulnerable in our society who are often most affected. We are currently mobilizing to provide supplies to Southern Californian clinics that are responding to the disaster. These supplies include n-95 masks, gloves, isolation gowns, and more. Professionals who are testing for the virus rely on the isolation gowns to safely test individuals without getting sick themselves. GCH is working to ensure that these clinics will have everything they need to operate safely and efficiently. We also will continue to provide food to low-income students throughout Southern California. This is especially necessary at this time because many will be losing the free and reduced meals they typically receive at their school each day. Help us respond to urgent needs throughout Orange and LA Counties. With volunteer groups postponing their services and donors being hesitant, we are asking for your help to support our mission through this difficult season. Together we can ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors continue to receive the food they need and that our partner front line agencies have the protection resources to fulfill their missions.


On the first day of school closures in Orange County, Giving Children Hope packed and delivered enough bulks pallets of food to feed over 1,300 local families for a week! Giving Children Hope is in communication with all our school partners and is committed to safely delivering food to our We've Got Your Back families. Food was delivered today to the following school districts: Buena Park Centralia Santa Ana Magnolia Anaheim Union In addition, we distributed critical medical supplies such as masks, gloves, isolation gowns, and sanitation products to five community clinics. All of the clinics listed below were in short supply of these items necessary to safely administer corona virus testing. North Orange County Regional Health Foundation KCS Families Together of Orange County Community Health Center Serve The People Southland Integrated Services Lisa Shelton-Finch, CEO of North Orange County Regional Health Foundation said: "Thank you. Our staff was elated to see the box this morning. It truly helped to put their fears at ease that they will have the PPE needed to protect themselves and our patients."


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