Nutrition, Hygiene and Transitional Shelter Assistance

In this project, World Concern responds to needs with lifesaving emergency health and protection activities. For Health, the project seeks to scale-up outbreak preparedness and response capacity prior to a cyclone and major flooding or landslides, using mobile medical teams, an approach endorsed by the UN Emergency Preparedness and Response Task Force. The teams are equipped to bring lifesaving services to isolated populations to ensure critical care reaches affected populations. The response plan requires a minimum of five core mobile medical teams dedicated to emergency health response for the duration of the monsoon season to cover a region that includes almost 1 million refugees. The teams will coordinate with existing health facilities as needed with patient referrals. This project will also help to acquire transitional shelter materials and tool kits so that volunteers in the community can build 4800 temporary shelters for Rohingya Refugees.


  • Bangladesh


  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
  • Health
  • Shelter and Housing
  • Water Sanitation and Hygiene
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