Tanzania NAFAKA II: Cereals Market System Development

NAFAKA promotes the competitiveness of the maize and rice value chains, leading to improved productivity and incomes which, in turn, accrue to smallholder farmers and rural households. Increases in the availability and access to food, in close coordination with efforts to increase consumption at the household level, are expected to mitigate food insecurity and malnutrition in rural areas. Improved competitiveness and productivity will be dependent on the openness and ease of trade.


Improving the competitiveness and productivity of maize and rice value chains Facilitating improved domestic and regional trade Expanding the depth and breadth of benefits from the growth of the maize and rice subsectors, including increased benefits to women and youth Enhancing rural household nutrition by promoting women-focused value chain development and improved consumption of a quality diet

Cross-cutting issues

Food Security, Livelihoods, Nutrition


  • Tanzania


  • Agriculture
  • Economic Recovery and Development
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