Women Empowerment for Self-Reliance (WES)

Women Empowerment for Self-Reliant program is working on group approach. Women face many social obstacles; moreover they have very little access in financial institutions. But women can keep contribution in the society and country as well. The loan program helps them to come out from the bondage of the society and helps them to live in the society with dignity. The goal is that the beneficiaries will become empowered, free from exploitation and self-reliant through Women Empowerment for Self-reliant program for socio-economic transformation.

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1) Create direct employment opportunity for the poorest of the economically active women entrepreneurs by providing them with loans. 2) Improve the business management skills through training and on site supervision. 3)100% financial self-sufficiency is to be maintained 4) Increase the profitability of the women's enterprises by borrowing money from WES. 5) Ensure the marketing of the products of the beneficiaries and create job opportunities.

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