Strengthening Systems, Capacity, and Data Collection with a Focus on Strategic Information in South Sudan

This project works with South Sudan’s Ministry of Health and the South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics to build strong HIV strategic information systems within the country. The project focuses on surveillance activities, monitoring and evaluating existing programs, developing human resources, and providing technical assistance and training to the Ministry of Health and others.


Selected activities include the following: 1. Conduct surveillance and evaluation studies and national data quality audits. 2. Support development and implementation of a national strategic information and capacity strengthening plan. 3. Design, execute, and pilot (in four states) a national HIV case-reporting system. 4. Develop a system that allows clinicians to track HIV patients’ treatment status (including test results, medications, missed appointments, and other patient data) within each HIV treatment facility. 5. Prepare the government to regularly collect, manage, analyze and disseminate high-quality data about HIV and other health issues.


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