VEGA/BIZ+ Project (BIZ+)

The VEGA/BIZ+ program’s goal is working to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and increase household incomes in the under-developed areas of Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka by providing the country’s small and medium-sized businesses with the technical know-how and financial resources they need to succeed.


Objectives: VEGA/BIZ+ provides investment grants to new and existing enterprises, requiring the enterprise recipient’s 1:1 match. Each enterprise also receives strategic technical assistance to strengthen institutional capacity in addition to financial support. 1) Identify and assist strategic enterprises through the grants program to expand their services, increase capacity and productivity, and create job opportunities; and 2) Support the Sri Lanka Government’s policy efforts towards a more business friendly environment, by facilitating a variety of activities that aim to mobilize business and community leaders – particularly women and ethnic minorities – to better understand the effects of current legal and regulatory policy, engage in advocacy and strengthen ties between the public and private sectors.

Cross-cutting issues

Post-Conflict Countries, Local Capacity Development


  • Sri Lanka


  • Economic Recovery and Development
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