Strengthening Human Resources for Health (Uganda)

The project’s goal is to strengthen the capacities of central ministries, district governments, health professional councils, private not-for-profit organizations, and health training institutions to effectively and efficiently plan and manage the health workforce in Uganda for improved health and HIV/AIDS services and better health outcomes. The technical approach will strengthen planning and management of the health workforce nationwide through interventions leading to increased and equitable recruitment, deployment, and retention of health workers; improved health worker performance at all levels; and improved preservice training.


The project will build broad human resources for health coalitions and leverage stakeholder relationships, including playing an active role with technical working groups and health professional councils; engage with both the for-profit and not-for-profit private sector, establishing public-private partnerships with traditional and non-traditional partners; link HRH with improved service delivery, particularly in districts with staffing levels below 60% and districts with a high disease burden; focus on evidence-based workforce planning by improving the availability and use of the human resources information system established in 70% of districts and central ministries; take a gender-responsive and rights-based approach toward discrimination, including support for the Ministry of Health’s gender mainstreaming guidelines; encourage youth to train for service in the health workforce; and promote youth-friendly health services through support for policies responsive to youth.


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